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Guest Opinion: Ballot Measure 114 brings uncertainty

With the passage of Ballot Measure 114 we know our community members have quite a few questions concerning new requirements under the measure. We’re actively working with the Oregon State Sheriff’s Association and Marion County Legal Counsel to learn more about the requirements to be enacted under Measure 114 and the services we are expected to provide at the local law enforcement level.

As of this afternoon [Nov. 16, 2022], we anticipate Measure 114 going into effect as early as Dec. 8, 2022. As with any new bill or legislation, we’ll be diligent in our efforts to understand the requirements, develop processes and procedures to comply with mandated provisions, and vigilantly monitor any potential litigation to ensure we are abiding by current case law.

We recognize it is likely there will be litigation regarding provisions within the measure which will not be resolved prior to the measure becoming law. 

To protect the interests of our law-abiding community members, we still need to be prepared to assist the residents of Marion County with a pathway to exercise their right to lawfully purchase firearms in the state of Oregon.

We anticipate significant strain on our limited staffing and resources as a result of Measure 114. Moving forward, we will prioritize our services towards the areas of greatest need to best serve the residents and visitors within Marion County, therefore will not be focusing investigations on magazine capacity issues.

Over the next serveral weeks we will share additional information as it becomes available. We appreciate your continued patience.

-Sheriff Joe Kast
Marion County Sheriff’s Office

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