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McCall resigns from Gates council

Dear Mayor Carmickle, fellow councilmen, and citizens of Gates,

This is to inform you of my resignation from the council, effective today at the adjournment of this meeting. In addition to personal and family health issues, we have decided not to rebuild on our property in Gates, where we lost our home to fire two years ago. The character of the town that initially drew us here is being changed.

My husband and I hope, for the sake of our freedom-loving friends and neighbors, that a future council walks back some of the big government ideas that have been adopted over the past several years. Some using methods that were unethical and corrupt. (They CAN be walked back.) We also hope for a return to local control where all ideas for the city and for legislation come from OUR community and our elected officials rather than advice and guidance from outside agencies and higher levels of government. That is the idea behind, and purpose for, local government. Keeping it small and decentralized. Government in America was designed to be small, leaving as much control with the people as possible.

I pray for you and for future councils that each one will have wisdom as you handle issues of concern to the citizens, that you will choose what is right, honorable, and prudent. That the first criterion in making a decision would be whether it is honorable, and the second whether it protects the right of the people to live their lives in peace, to provide for their families, and to pursue their dreams free from government overreach and control.

The Bible proverb has proved true throughout history that “righteousness exalts a nation”. The opposite is true as well. I’m not speaking of state sponsored religion, but of individuals (including elected officials) seeking God’s wisdom and direction, and following His ways which, in a society, leads to peace and security, happiness and fulfillment.

I can assure you that, wherever I go, I will continue to advocate for the principles espoused by those who founded this great country and our exceptional form of government. I am gravely concerned for America and for government from the federal to the local level. Marxist critical theory, anti-police sentiment, immorality, corruption, and out-of-control spending by government are crushing our country and threaten to destroy it. I intend to remain in the fight for freedom and the fight to save our beloved constitutional republic.

It was an honor to be elected and a privilege to serve my friends and neighbors in Gates. This is a beautiful place, and my family and I have many happy memories here. I wish you all the best.

Lisa McCall

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