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New program helps with fire-hardening

Linn County Communications Officer

Linn County Communications Officer

Linn County is partnering with the Oregon Building Codes Division to launch a grant program to help owners of homes and businesses rebuild after the 2020 Oregon wildfires.

People who own a home – including manufactured home – or business that was damaged or destroyed by the 2020 wildfires can receive money for using more fire-resistant methods and materials when they rebuild. Those who have already rebuilt also qualify.

Linn County Building Official Steve Wills said fire hardening is an important tool to help make homes more resistant to fire.

Fire hardening includes actions that can be taken to make a home or business more resistant to damage from a wildfire.              

Fire hardening can include using materials for siding and roofing that resist ignition during a wildfire, installing fire-resistant windows to protect openings, or using attic ventilation devices that help reduce ember intrusion.

“These improvements are particularly effective at preventing ignition from embers, which can travel great distances from wildfires,” said Alana Cox, administrator of the Oregon Building Codes Division “We hope this program will help people affected by the wildfires build back more fire-resistant communities.”

To qualify for the program, a person must own a home or business that was damaged or destroyed in the 2020 Oregon wildfires. There is a menu of fire hardening improvements, including more fire-resistant roofs, siding and windows, that qualify for grant money. 

Once one or more qualifying improvements have been completed, an eligible applicant can receive grant money through the Linn County Building Department.

To learn more and apply, visit

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