News for those who live, work and play in the Santiam Canyon

A trail maintenance crew works along a ridge line in the Willamette National Forest. A new federal planning process likely will affect how the forest’s mature and old-growth stands are managed. U.S. Forest Service

Old-growth proposal could affect local forests

Change is coming once again to the national forests supervised by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and its U.S. Forest Service subsidiary. Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack on Dec. 19 announced plans by the department to […]

Salmons Falls are shown amid post-wildfire recovery efforts. New federal money is coming to Marion County to help establish a recreation plan for the North Fork area, including parks such as Salmon Falls and Bear Creek. James Day

The $15 million that is finally showing up

In 1996 federal legislation championed by Oregon Sen. Mark Hatfield at the tail end of the Timber Wars set aside 37,500 acres of Santiam Canyon forest land for the Opal Creek Wilderness and Scenic Recreation […]