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Sunday deadline for studded tires to come off

SALEM — As spring arrives, it’s time to remember studded tires must be removed by Sunday, March 31. Long-term weather forecasts this year do not support an extension of the studded tire season.

“We encourage everyone to take off their studded tires before March 31, especially if you won’t be driving in the mountains,” advised Galen McGill, State Maintenance and Operations Engineer.

Driving with studded tires after the deadline can result in a fine. Law enforcement may issue a citation, a Class C traffic violation, with a $165 fine.

While studded tires are OK from Nov. 1 to March 31, it’s better to use other options like traction tires or chains. Studded tires cause about $8.5 million in damage to state highways each year, according to a 2014 study.

Crews continue monitoring highways and weather forecasts, working to remove any late season snow or ice. 

Visit for current conditions. After March 31, ODOT asks you switch to traction tires or chains if needed, or consider postponing your travel until conditions improve.

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