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Correction on recovery group story

Material published in a story in the Oct. 27 editions on the Santiam Long Term Recovery Group and Santiam Hospital’s Disaster Services Case Management needs to be clarified.

Here is a statement (edited for clarity) from Melissa Baurer of the hospital team:

1) We are not tweaking our mission.

2) We are not working without a lease.

3)  A new home has been secured (the group was scheduled to move in this week).

4) The declining caseload has not led to structural or personnel changes at this time.

5) We never requested for Kevin Dial (of the Long Term Recovery Group) to be part-time. 

6) We will not move from three to two staffers when the case load reaches 70. Multiple factors are considered with this decision and there has not been a decision yet.

7) We would not love to have zero cases because if we did our survivors would not be getting the help they need and deserve. We are committed to serving until the families are all recovered. We know this will be months, possibly a year.

Here is a statement from Kevin Dial (again edited for clarity only):

Mr. Dial does not represent Santiam Disaster Services, nor Santiam Hospital & Clinics, thus did not accurately report the organization’s current caseload numbers, staffing plans, or future plans for office location. We regret any confusion his comments may have made for anyone still in the disaster recovery process. Your Santiam Disaster Services team is solidly in place and working for you as you continue to navigate this challenging process.

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