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No clear winners yet for write-in positions

No clear winners have emerged as write-in results trickle in for open positions on boards for the Mill City Rural Fire Protection District and Santiam Canyon School District.

Two positions on each board had no candidates filed during the May 16 election, and so far each of these positions received only a few dozen write-in votes.

This compares to hundreds of votes for positions with uncontested candidates including 241 votes for Scott Stewart and 222 votes for Michael Erdman on the fire district board, and 349 votes for Mary Richards on the school board.

Derrick Sterling, Linn County supervisor of elections, said it is not unusual to see a large undervote gap between positions with and without candidates. He said voters often skip a ballot item if there is not a specific person listed.

“A lot of times, people just don’t write anything in,” he said.

Results for the fire distinct showed 29 write-ins for position 1 and 14 write-ins for position 5. The school district had 30 write-ins for position 1 and 44 write-ins for position 3.

Linn County does not plan to publish individual names of write-in candidates until the week of June 5. Marion County has listed its write-ins by name and so far there are no clear winners as all but one candidate had just one vote.

The exception was for position 1 on the school board where Elizabeth Reeser had two votes amid 13 other candidates, including write-in regulars Superman and Mickey Mouse.

Sterling said, if there is no winner declared after results are finalized, each district will fill the position according to their individual policies.

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