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Ordinance on RVs off Detroit agenda

Reporter for The Canyon Weekly

A contentious Detroit City Council ordinance on recreational vehicles (RVs) will not be considered at Tuesday’s city council meeting.

The city planner will not be available that day, leading city officials to cancel the public hearing that the ordinance will require until a date still to be determined. 

The council still will meet at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, May 9, at the Detroit Community Center, 345 Santiam Ave. 

City officials are considering changing current code to limit property owners to storing one RV year-round on a property. They want to encourage property owners to rebuild in the post-fire landscape rather than live indefinitely in an RV or two on the property. 

Also, some property owners were putting up to four RVs on a lot and the RV issue led to city officials receiving regular complaints as well as occasional challenges for first-responders. 

Resident Tina Russell strongly opposes the ordinance and has submitted testimony and letters to the council as well as to The Canyon Weekly.

“I did my due diligence to review the ordinances prior to buying my property and got the proper permits through Marion County for my electrical, water and septic,” Russell wrote. “I bought it because I have a 45-foot RV and both my kids have RVs.  It’s very hard to get a RV spot in a state campground due to the length. My lot is a double lot and plenty big enough for three to four RVs. When I parked the RVs last year, I followed all setback requirements and still had plenty of room for any additional vehicles for parking.” 

Russell also noted that if the ordinance stayed at one RV but with permit fees added for subsequent units the city would come out ahead financially. She also said that multiple RVs on a lot would mean added revenue at the Mountain High Grocery as well as the food carts sprinkled around town.

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