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6K grants available for Canyon residents

Reporter for The Canyon Weekly

Santiam Canyon residents whose homes or businesses were destroyed or damaged in the 2020 wildfires are eligible for up to $6,000 in grant money to fire-harden their properties.

Community members have until May 12 to apply and county officials are encouraging residents to act soon to make sure they have time to issue the grant check before the program ends in June.  It is not known if the Oregon Legislature will extend the grant program into the next fiscal year, which starts July 1. 

Fire hardening includes steps that can be taken to make a home or business more resistant to damage from a wildfire, such as using materials for siding and/or roofing that resist ignition during a wildfire, installing fire resistant windows to protect openings, or using attic ventilation devices that help reduce ember intrusion. Slowing down a fire may create additional time and opportunity for emergency responders to protect life and property threatened by the fire.

The program is being run through county building departments which will be accepting applications and verifying fire hardening work. To view a grant application for Marion or Linn counties go to

Here is a look at the fire-hardening improvements and the grants associated with them:

Roofing: Must be Class B (effective against moderate exposure) or Class A (effective against severe exposure), $2,200.

External wall covering: Must be one of the following – noncombustible, ignition-resistant, heavy timber assembly or log wall assembly, $1,750.

Ventilation: Vents designed to resist embers and flames or an unvented attic assembly, $350.

Overhangs, cantilevers & projections: Must include either noncombustible material, ignition-resistant material, a 1-hour wall assembly or 1 layer of ⅝-inch Type X exterior gypsum sheathing or equivalent, $400.

Porches, balconies & decks: Must be constructed from either noncombustible material, ignition-resistant material, fire-retardant treated wood or materials meeting ASTM E2632 standards, $550.

Windows & skylights: Must be either tempered glass or rated for 20 minutes of fire resistance, $550.

Skirting (manufactured homes only): Material must be either noncombustible or ignition resistant, $500.

Accessory structures: Apply roofing and exterior wall treatments noted above, $500 per structure, $1,000 max.

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