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Mill City code prohibits use of tractor trailors

Did you know that Mill City Municipal Code prohibits the use of tractor trailers, trailer boxes or shipping containers within the incorporated limits of the city of Mill City?

Chapter 17.44.020 D states: Use of Tractor Trailers, Trailer Boxes or Storage Containers Prohibited. The use of tractor trailer boxes (with or without wheels) and or shipping containers is prohibited in all zones, except as follows:

1. The temporary use of not more than one storage container, with a maximum size of two hundred (200) square feet, during construction of a permanent building, subject to the following conditions:

a. The storage container shall be placed in the driveway, side or rear yard.

b. The storage container must be removed from the property not later than one year from the date of the issuance of the building permit for the permanent building by the Linn County building department.

c. If the storage container is not removed by the property owner in a residential zone, then the city may proceed with removal of the storage unit under the city’s summary abatement procedures in Chapter 8.04 of this code;

2. The temporary use of a garbage or recycling container provided by the city’s garbage franchise holder; and/or

3. The on-going use of a recycling container provided by the city’s garbage franchise holder to a public or not for profit entity within a public, commercial or industrial zone, subject to approval by the city council.

Chapter 17.04.030—Definitions defines shipping container as follows:

“Shipping container” means a pre-manufactured metal container or other similar container used for overseas shipping, interstate commerce or storage. A shipping container does not include a tractor trailer box, with or without wheels.

The complete Mill City Municipal Code is available online and has a great search tool. The code can be viewed at:

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