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Window safety tips to prevent falls

The Mill City Volunteer Fire Department is reminding everyone that with hot weather comes more windows being open. 

Windows attract curious children. Children under the age of 7 are most at risk of falling from windows and least likely to remember safety warnings. Most window falls happen from windows with screens properly installed.

You can protect your child from falling from a window. Teach children and caregivers that screens keep bugs out, not kids in.

Limit window openings to less than 4 inches. On windows that pose a fall risk, limit the window openings by installing child safety window stops that can be easily removed by an adult in an emergency.

Do not let children watch you operate any child safety product. Remember children imitate adults.

Keep play spaces fun and safe. Keep areas in front of windows clear of anything a child can climb on. Children have climbed on furniture, toys and even laundry – and fallen out of a window.

Enforce a kid-free zone in front of all windows. Do not allow children to play near windows. Enforce this rule in your home and explain it to other caregivers.

Keep windows closed and locked when not in use.

For more information on window safety visit or contact the Mill City Fire Department at 503 897 2390.

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