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Linn County Sheriff’s Office Log: July 26 – Aug. 1

July 26

Warrant, 9:45 a.m., S First Avenue, Mill City. Male of Mill City was arrested on a warrant.

Parking Complaint, 11:17 a.m., SE Juniper Street, Mill City. Trailer parked in the right of way. Owner and LSCO are working to resolve situation.

Traffic Stop, 12:36 p.m., Fifth Street, Lyons. Driver cited for 53 MPH in 35 MPH zone.

911 Hangup, 12:57 p.m., Blowout Road, Idanha. Juvenile called 911 and hung up. Mother of juvenile dealt with the issue.

Traffic Stop, 1:13 p.m., Main Street, Lyons. Driver warned for speed.

Theft, 1:50 p.m., NW Santiam Blvd., Mill City. Criminal mischief and theft at Mobile Gas Station. Deputies took a report after looking over surveillance footage. Ongoing investigation.

Suspicious Vehicle, 9:16 p.m., SW Sixth Avenue, Scio. Individuals in golf cart stopped and warned for possible speed in area. 

Domestic Disturbance, 9:59 p.m., Stayton-Scio Loop, Scio. Male, 37, of Scio was arrested on domestic violence charges for Assault IV and booked.

Extra Patrol, 10:27 p.m., SW Third Avenue, Scio. Caller requested extra patrol in the area of her residence. 

July 27

Prowler, 2:37 a.m., NW Cherry Street, Scio. Deputies investigating  theft of Otter Pops.

Theft, 7:45 a.m., SW Evergreen Street, Mill City. Victim had construction equipment stolen from a job site. Estimated value is $145. Items were located and returned to the citizen.

Theft, 9:41 a.m., SE Ash Street, Scio. Car prowler stole from multiple properties in Scio. Estimated loss of $1,870 from this reported victim.

Dog Complaint, 10:16 a.m., SW Spring Street, Mill City. Dog owner issued citation for dog as a public nuisance for trespassing on private property.

Suspicious Person, 1:15 p.m., Kingston-Lyons Drive, Stayton. Person claimed to be a technician and happily provided credentials.

Found Property, 1:21 p.m., SE Second Avenue, Scio. Caller found a hat in her driveway that didn’t belong to anyone she knew. Caller was advised she could throw it away if she wished.

Theft, 8:02 p.m., Shelburn Drive, Scio. Stolen catalytic converter.

July 28

Trespass, 7:23 p.m., Main Street, Lyons. Caller wanted father-in-law trespassed after FIL threatened to throw his wife’s purse in the river if she didn’t hurry up. 

Theft, 6:05 p.m., Stayton-Scio Road, Scio. Deputies responded to suspicious circumstance involving the caller’s vehicle.

July 29

Disturbance, 12:08 a.m., Lyons-Mill City Drive, Mill City. Two citizens were contacted during a disturbance call. Both – male, 37, and female, 30, of Mill City – were issued criminal citations in lieu of custody. Parties were released without incident.

Traffic Stop, 9:47 a.m., 16th and Main streets, Lyons. Driver with expired registration was issued cited for failure to carry insurance.

Animal Complaint, 10:22 a.m., Lyons-Mill City Drive, Lyons. Deputy attempted contact with a caller reporting a possible dog theft.

Trespass, 3:28 p.m., Jordan Road, Scio. Report that people became hostile with caller when she told them to leave her property on the river. Deputy contacted and learned the offenders left.

Traffic Complaint, 8:03 p.m., Kingwood Avenue/Fairview Street, Mill City. Traffic complaint regarding speeders on Kingwood Avenue between Fairview and Dogwood.

Warrant, 9:11 p.m., Crabtree Drive, Scio. Male, 44, of Crabtree was arrested on a warrant and issued a citation in lieu of custody.

Fireworks Complaint, 9:39 p.m., Ede Road, Scio. Deputies responded but were not able to pinpoint the location before the fireworks ceased.

Theft, 9:40 p.m., Hess Road, Scio. Two phones were recovered after three phones were stolen from a vehicle.

Suspicious Vehicle, 10:14 p.m., Cedar Mill Road, Lyons. Deputy located the vehicle and saw it was legally parked on private property.

July 30

Animal Complaint, 12:59 p.m., Highway 226, Stayton. Owner was already herding his cattle and was warned for livestock at large.

Found Dog, 2:36 p.m., Blowout Road/Highway 22, Idanha. Report of an abandoned dog on USFS property. Deputies could not find the dog.

Parking Complaint, 2:39 p.m., Highway 226, Scio. Six vehicles were parked at the emergency vehicle draft site, blocking access for potential emergency vehicle. Four vehicles moved. Two vehicles received citations.

Forest Timber Patrol, 6:42 p.m., Highway 22, Idanha. Patrolled Weyerhaeuser, ODF and Avery property. 

Forest Timber Patrol, 7:27 p.m., Highway 22, Idanha. Patrolled USFS around Detroit.

Illegal Camping, 7:56 p.m., Blowout Road, Idanha. Large illegal camp with tents and a campfire on Freres Timber. Group had been there three days. They put out the fire and left.

Forest Timber Patrol, 8:26 p.m., Blowout Road, Idanha. Patrolled USFS property. Contacted illegal campers and explained the rules. Campers were cooperative and broke down camp.

Noise Disturbance, 10:22 p.m., Main Street, Lyons. Deputies looked for a reported “ruckus,” but there was not any “ruckuses” to be found.

July 31

Noise Disturbance, 1:07 a.m., Rock Creek Road/Kingwood Avenue, Gates. Deputies investigated suspicious circumstance.

Accident, 10:19 a.m., Shimanek Bridge Drive, Scio. Single-vehicle crash with injuries.

Accident, 11 a.m., Xmas Tree Road, Gates. Crash on ODF property. Vehicle towed prior to deputies’ arrival.

Animal Complaint, 3:41 p.m., Dogwood Street, Lyons. Cat caught in a live trap. It was released to go home.

Forest Timber Patrol, 4:50 p.m., Camp Morrison Drive, Scio. Patrolled Avery and Weyerhaeuser Company property. Deputy retrieved his camera  and it had no images of trespassers.

Forest Timber Patrol, 4:54 p.m., Camp Morrison Drive, Scio. Patrolled Avery, BLM and Weyerhaeuser property. Nothing to report.

Parking Complaint, 5:14 p.m., Highway 226, Scio. Vehicles cited at the Lyons Fire District Emergency Draft Site by the Jordan Bridge for completely blocking access to the water site.

Suspicious VEhicle, 8:46 p.m., Hungry Hill Drive, Scio. Deputies contacted an unoccupied suspicious vehicle.

Theft, 10:03 p.m., Blowout Road, Idanha. Deputies investigated a burglary of a shed at a cabin.

Traffic Stop, 10:22 p.m., Highway 226, Scio. Driver going 61 MPH in 55 MPH zone.

Aug. 1

Assist Other Agency, 11:27 a.m., Hungry Hill /Highway 226, Scio. Deputies assisted OSP with a crash.

Burglary, 1:31 p.m., Blowout Road, Idanha. Estimated loss $170. Onoing investigation.

Suspicious Circumstance, 2:12 p.m., Richardson Gap Road, Scio. Deputy responded to a call of property owner finding bones on their property. Deputy determined the bones were non-human.

Assist Other Agency, 8:45 p.m., NW Clayton Place, Scio. Male with substance abuse and mental health issues possibly started a car fire on his property.









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