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Linn County Sheriff’s Office Log: May 30 – June 5

May 30

Traffic Stop, 12:12 a.m., N Main Street, Scio. Driver warned for equipment violations.

Armed Disturbance, 12:17 p.m., S McCully Mountain Road, Lyons. Individual, 25, of Stayton arrested and booked for Criminal Trespass II.

Accident, 1:49 p.m., Richardson Gap Road/Fish Hatchery Drive, Scio. Two-vehicle, non-injury crash. Driver of one vehicle cited for failure to obey a traffic control device.

Domestic Disturbance, 2:20 p.m., S First Avenue, Mill City. Verbal arguments between two parties about property that belonged to the male. Male half later left and walked home after being told it was not there.

Suspicious Vehicle, 3:54 p.m., Lyons-Mill City Drive/Cedar Mill Road, Lyons. Owner notified of the vehicle’s whereabouts.

Suspicious Circumstance, 5:34 p.m., S First Avenue, Mill City. Deputies found signs of living on abandoned property but were unable to locate the person or reach the property owner.

Extra Patrol, 8:20 p.m., Cedar Mill Road, Lyons. Extra patrol of abandoned Freres Mill. Nothing to report.

Extra Patrol, 8:47 p.m., Neal Park Road, Lyons. Extra patrol of John Neal Park. All seemed quiet and in good order.

Extra Patrol, 9:19 p.m., Main Street, Lyons. No egregious violations observed.

Extra Patrol, 9:45 p.m., NW First Avenue, Scio. Extra patrol at Centennial Grade School. All was well.

Domestic Disturbance, 10:21 p.m., SE Laurel Street, Mill City. Alcohol-fueled domestic dispute between two newlyweds. Parties were separated for the night. Nothing criminal.

Extra Patrol, 10:49 p.m., Fifth Street, Lyons. Extra patrol for traffic. All was well.

Extra Patrol, 11:58 p.m., SW Parkside Drive, Mill City. Deputies conducted foot patrol around the abandoned house. Nothing to report.

May 31

UEMV, 1:01 a.m., Ninth Street, Lyons. Attempted vehicle break-in. Owner did not notice anything missing. Deputies were unable to locate a suspect.

Extra Patrol, 1:26 a.m., N Main Street, Scio. Extra patrol of Scio High School. All was well.

Extra Patrol, 1:51 a.m., 10th Street, Lyons. Nothing unusual seen.

Harassment, 11:27 a.m., Myers Place, Scio. Report taken for harassment – domestic.

Accident, 2:32 p.m., W Main Street, Lyons. Schneider semi-truck and trailer cut the corner too short and drove up on a concrete bollard at the Corner Market. Truck was blocking Highway 226 to Albany. Tow removed truck without damage.

Violation of Order, 6:41 p.m., Myers Place, Scio. Recent court order was violated when the offender possessed a firearm.

Disturbance, 9:07 p.m., Lyons-Mill City Drive, Mill City. Domestic disturbance. Deputies took a report to be reviewed by the DA’s office.

Extra Patrol, 11:24 p.m., Fifth Street, Lyons. Extra patrol of Mari-Linn School. All seemed well.

June 1

Welfare Check, 12:23 a.m., NW Santiam Blvd., Mill City. Report of a person sleeping in a vehicle at 7 Eleven. Vehicle was gone upon deputies’ arrival.

Extra Patrol, 1 a.m., S First Avenue, Mill City. Neighborhood patrol of south Mill City. All seemed quiet and in good order.

Foot Patrol, 1:36 a.m., SW Evergreen Street, Mill City. Foot patrol at Santiam Elementary. Nothing suspicious found.

Extra Patrol, 1:47 a.m., NE Wall Street, Mill City. Extra patrol of north Mill City. One transient found sleeping near the Mill City Museum was asked to move along.

Foot Patrol, 1:47 a.m., SW Evergreen Street, Mill City. Foot patrol of Santiam Jr./Sr. High. Nothing suspicious located.

Domestic Disturbance, 2:07 a.m., Lyons-Mill City Drive, Mill City. Civil dispute about belongings after a domestic dispute. Deputy advised the caller to come back at a more reasonable hour to retrieve their belongings.

Extra Patrol, 3:38 a.m., SE Kingwood Avenue, Mill City. Traffic enforcement between 3:30 and 5 a.m. No egregious violations observed. Very light traffic.

Dog Complaint, 9:59 a.m., Sandner Drive, Scio. Dog owner issued written warning for dog at large and failure to license dog.

Fraud, 11:53 a.m., Myers Place, Scio. Report of fraud. Victim has appointment to close accounts and switch banks. Investigation is ongoing.

Disturbance, 1:57 p.m., Jefferson-Scio Drive, Scio. Deputies responded to disturbance over civil dispute.

Traffic Hazard, 4:13 p.m., Kingwood Avenue, Mill City. Deputy towed vehicle that was blocking roadway and creating a hazard.

Suspicious Person, 6:33 p.m., 11th Court, Lyons. Deputies investigate a suspicious male who attempted to gain entry to the caller’s property.

Traffic Complaint, 7:44 p.m., SW Linn Blvd., Mill City. Deputy spoke to caller about a reported reckless driver.

June 2

Parking Complaint, 7:55 a.m., Hecht Drive, Scio. Vehicle was removed prior to deputy’s arrival.

Burglary, 11:46 a.m., Hess Road, Scio. Ongoing investigation.

Civil Dispute, 2 p.m., SW Sixth Avenue, Scio. Caller is in breach of contract dispute over a deposit placed on the purchase of a puppy. Civil matter. No crimes committed.

Found Property, 5:27 p.m., Larwood Drive, Scio. Deputies recovered some stolen Amazon packages.

Shots Heard, 6:46 p.m., Greenway Drive, Gates. Caller wanted to discuss the potential hunting violations their neighbor may be violating.

June 3

Shots Heard, 12:24 a.m., Stayton-Scio Road, Scio. Deputies responded to a call of shots being heard outside the caller’s home. Any suspects were gone by the time deputies arrived. Deputies did not find anyone hurt outside.

Fraud, 7:01 a.m., Highway 226, Scio. Elderly male sent $200 of gift cards to an unknown subject supposedly in Washington.

Disturbance, 12:05 p.m., Fish Hatchery Drive, Scio. Male, 44, of Scio arrested for Menacing (domestic) and Theft III.

Accident, 5:54 p.m., Larwood Drive, Scio. Male, 36, of Scio arrested for DUII and Reckless Driving after crashing his vehicle into a tree and fleeing.

June 4

Fraud, 8:22 a.m., Carmel Lane, Scio. Deputies investigated an online fraud scam.

Theft, 9:37 a.m., Crabtree Drive, Scio. Deputies investigated a suspected theft. At the time, there was no victim to determine if a crime occurred.

Suspicious Person, 2:46 p.m., SE Fairview Street, Mill City. Deputies attempted to locate suspicious vehicle.

Theft, 7:24 p.m., Hess Road, Scio. Vehicle break in at Buell Boat Ramp. Window to vehicle was broken and a set of keys taken. 

Suspicious Circumstance, 10:32 p.m., Richardson Gap Road, Scio. Noises heard at a vacant house. The house was clear of anyone. Rain is the potential cause of the noise.

Prowler, 10:36 p.m., Crabtree Drive, Scio. Male, 37, and male, 21, cited and released on arrest warrants. Both were told to leave the area.

Traffic Stop, 11:16 p.m., Hungry Hill and Crabtree drives, Scio. Male, 64, of Crabtree was cited for a warrant and for driving while suspended violation.

Suspicious Vehicle, 11:18 p.m., Highway 226, Scio. Vehicle belonged to someone visiting the area.

Traffic Stop, 11:28 p.m., W Main Street, Lyons. Driver warned for traffic violation.

Traffic Stop, 11:44 p.m., Crabtree Drive/Highway 226, Scio. Driver warned for equipment violation.

Extra Patrol, 11:49 pm., S First Avenue, Mill City. Neighborhood patrol of south Mill City. All seemed quiet and in good order.

June 5

Accident, 4:58 a.m., Highway 226/Jordan Road, Scio. Single-vehicle, non-injury crash.

Theft, 8:25 p.m., N Main Street, Scio. Unknown suspect broke window of rental car and stole a purse containing cash, passport and driver’s license. Ongoing investigation.

Extra Patrol, 9:28 p.m., Hess Road, Scio. Extra patrol of Buell Boat Ramp. Nothing unusual seen.

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