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Linn County Sheriff’s Office Log: May 3 – 10

May 3

Theft, 9:28 a.m., SE Fairview Street, Mill City. Mill City Public Works reported a tenant was stealing water from the city after the water had been shut off. Deputy attempted contact and the tenant would not answer the door. Public Works removed the meter.

Extra Patrol, 8:33 p.m., Blowout Road, Idanha. Deputies conducted preventive MIP patrols in forest.

May 4

Fraud, 8:06 a.m., Ninth Street, Lyons. Caller reported someone called and said she owed money to a credit card company that had no proof to verify claim. Caller was advised to stop speaking with the scammer.

Traffic Complaint, 12:33 p.m., Lyons-Mill City Drive/Mowitch Street, Lyons. Caller reported an erratic driver.

Domestic Disturbance, 3:08 p.m., Linnwood Drive, Gates. Deputies responded to a domestic disturbance in Gates. No arrests were made and parties separated for the night.

May 5

Trespass, 7:12 a.m., Highway 226, Scio. Deputies responded, located the subject and advised them to leave the property. Suspect complied.

Civil Dispute, 1:10 p.m., Linnwood Drive, Gates. Caller wanted information regarding how to fill out a restraining order packet.

Suspicious Person, 3:35 p.m., NE Wall and NE Alder streets, Mill City. Caller reported a person possibly living behind a building. Deputy checked area and did not see any signs of someone living there.

May 6

Assault, 1:43 a.m., NW Alder Street, Mill City. Deputies responded to a report of assault between two males. Victim had minor injuries and suspect was not located to complete the investigation.

Traffic Hazard, 7:43 a.m., W McCully Mountain Drive, Lyons. Boulder in the roadway. Deputies moved it onto the shoulder and notified the road department for removal.

Extra Patrol, 9:14 a.m., SW Parkside Drive, Mill City. Nothing unusual seen.

Recovered Vehicle, 10:43 a.m., Main Street, Lyons. Deputies recovered a stolen vehicle at the Red Barn.

Suspicious Circumstance, 11:22 a.m., SW Broadway Street, Mill City. Caller disclosed concerning allegations. Ongoing investigation.

Hit and run, 3:21 p.m., Stayton-Scio Road, Scio. Driver passed a vehicle in a no-passing zone going uphill and collided into the back of a vehicle and nearly hit two other vehicles head-on. Driver continued past the crash scene and drove off the road a half-mile away. Driver was cited for failure to perform duties, careless driving and passing in a no-passing zone.

Suspicious Vehicle, 4:03 p.m., Crabtree Drive, Scio. Caller wanted a suspicious vehicle documented. Deputies were unable to locate it.

Noise Disturbance, 9:05 p.m., McCully Mountain Road, Lyons. Alarm issue. Nothing criminal.

Suspicious Vehicle, 11:28 p.m., Camp Morrison Drive, Scio. Consensual contact with individuals that were getting back from overlanding in the forest.

Event Detail, 11:37 p.m., Camp Morrison Drive, Scio. Parking complaint related to event. Deputies verified there is an open lane.

Disturbance, 11:39 p.m., Highway 226, Scio. Deputy gave a courtesy ride to a person walking on Highway 226 between Scio and Crabtree.

Suspicious Circumstance, 12:38 a.m., Highway 226, Scio. Driver ran out of gas and had help on the way.

May 7

Extra Patrol, 1:06 a.m., Camp Morrison Drive, Scio. Extra traffic patrol.

Traffic Stop, 8:47 a.m., Main and 17th streets, Lyons. Driver cited for 49 MPH in 35 MPH zone.

Extra Patrol, 9:43 a.m., SE Kingwood Avenue, Mill City. Traffic enforcement. No egregious violations observed.

Found Dog, 10:08 a.m., SE Kingwood and SE Fourth avenues, Mill City. Dog found running the streets, and returned to her owner.

Traffic Stop, 3:24 p.m., SE Kingwood and SE Second avenues, Mill City. Driver cited for 44 MPH in 25 MPH zone.

Civil Dispute, 5:35 p.m., Fifth Street, Lyons. Deputies contact individuals regarding a civil issue.

May 8

Traffic Stop, 3:27 p.m., SE Kingwood Avenue, Mill City. Driver warned for speed.

Traffic Stop, 3:44 p.m., SE Kingwood Avenue, Mill City. Driver cited for 40 MPH in 25 MPH zone.

Suspicious Circumstance, 4:14 p.m., Camp Morrison Drive, Scio. Caller believed to have found a child’s hand sticking out of a pond. Deputies arrived and learned it was a mangled doll in the pond.

Domestic Disturbance, 6:28 p.m., SW Kingwood Avenue, Mill City. Female, 22, of Lyons arrested on two counts of Assault IV.

Harassment, 8:55 p.m., SW Ivy Street, Mill City. Report of telephonic harassment. Suspect was warned.

May 9

Suspicious Person, 1:10 a.m., SE Cedar Avenue, Idanha. Deputies attempted to locate a female who was possibly trespassing.

Traffic Stop, 8:28 a.m., NE Fourth Avenue, Scio. Driver warned for speed.

Suspicious Vehicle, 7:28 p.m., Richardson Gap Road, Scio. Vehicle was abandoned on private property.

Sex Offense, 7:45 p.m., Mill City. Citizen reported suspicious behavior of a juvenile male already under investigation for a separate matter.

Traffic Stop, 11:34 p.m., Highway 226, Lyons. Driver cited for driving uninsured, failure to renew vehicle registration, and failure to install an ignition interlock device.

May 10

Accident, 12:09 a.m., Lyons-Mill City Drive, Lyons. Male, 19, of Lyons arrested and cited in lieu of custody for reckless driving and MIP Alcohol after crashing into a power pole.

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