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It’s time to remove hazardous vegetation

The 2022 fire season is on the horizon and the City of Gates would like to remind property owners to keep their property free of hazardous vegetation. 

The term “hazardous vegetation” shall mean vegetation that is:

a. A fire hazard because it has become dry or will become dry.

b. A health hazard to persons or animals.

c. A traffic hazard because it impairs the view of public thoroughfare or otherwise makes use of thoroughfare hazardous.

d. Extending into public thoroughfare or across a property line.

Ordinance No. 102, Sec. 18 states “No owner or person in charge of property shall allow hazardous vegetation to be on the property or in the right of way of a public thoroughfare abutting on the property. An owner or person in charge of property shall cut down or destroy grass, shrubbery, brush, bushes, weeds or other hazardous vegetation as often as needed to prevent them from becoming a fire hazard or, in the case of weeds or other hazardous vegetation, from maturing or from going to seed.”

If you have any questions, contact Gates City Hall at 503-897-2669 or email [email protected].

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