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Linn County Sheriff’s Office Log: March 15 – 22

March 15

Criminal Mischief, 9:58 a.m., NE Santiam Blvd., Mill City. Suspicious male was gone before deputies arrived.

Phone Harassment, 12:13 p.m., Montgomery Drive, Scio. Caller reported telephonic harassment. Ongoing investigation.

Extra Patrol, 1:48 p.m., S McCully Mountain Road, Lyons.

Accident, 1:50 p.m., SW Broadway Street, Mill City. Non-injury motor vehicle crash.

Lost Property, 5:50 p.m., S McCully Mountain Road, Lyons. Male was target practicing and believes he left his shotgun on the roof of his car and can not find it. Documented for lost property.

Burglary, 6:19 p.m., SE Hazel Street, Mill City. The person with the trailer owns the trailer and has permission to park the trailer on the property.

Mental Health, 11:19 p.m., Myers Place, Scio. Male was having a mental health issue or under the influence of a drug. Deputy sat in the area and nothing was heard.

March 16

Welfare Check, 8:25 a.m., Queener Drive, Scio. All was well.

Sex Offense, 10:54 a.m., Mill City. Deputies investigated possible sexual offense involving juvenile. Allegations were unfounded and thoroughly investigated.

Stolen Vehicle, 11:25 p.m., SE Grove Street, Mill City. Honda Civic stolen from a residence. Ongoing investigation.

Runaway, 3:20 p.m., NW Beech Street, Scio. Deputy located a juvenile after his mother reported him missing from school.

Death Investigation, 4:54 p.m., SW Kingwood Avenue, Mill City. Death investigation at the Mill City Post Office. Death seemed to be of natural causes. Deputies took a report.

Domestic Disturbance, 7:23 p.m., S First Avenue, Mill City. Juvenile arrested after grabbing mother by the hair and punching her in the face numerous times. Juvenile was transported to Linn-Benton Juvenile Department Center.

Warrant, 8:17 p.m., Robinson Drive, Scio. Female, 30, of Scio cited in lieu of custody for an Albany warrant for theft II.

Warrant, 8:17 p.m., Robinson Drive, Scio. Male, 32, of Scio cited in lieu of custody for a Multnomah County warrant for DUII.

Extra Patrol, 8:28 p.m., SE Fairview Street, Mill City. Extra patrol as requested by a caller. Nothing unusual was seen during this time.

March 17

Dog Complaint, 10:12 a.m., SE Hazel Street, Mill City. Dog owner issued citation for one count of dog at large.

Disturbance, 10:55 a.m., Richardson Gap Road, Scio. Disturbance verbal and civil in nature.

Suspicious Vehicle, 5:11 p.m., Lyons-Mill City Drive, Lyons. Suspicious person reported for documentation in case crimes occur in the area in the future.

Suspicious Circumstance, 7:19 p.m., Montgomery Drive, Scio. Caller received text messages from an out-of-state number. Deputies identified the messages as a scam and advised the caller to block the number and delete the messages.

Suspicious Vehicle, 10:01 p.m., SW Spring Street, Mill City. Deputies unable to locate the vehicle.

March 18

Extra Patrol, 4:03 a.m., SW Broadway Street, Mill City. Traffic enforcement. No egregious violations seen during this time.

Burglary, 12:24 p.m., NW Alder Street, Mill City. Stolen firearm from residence.

Suspicious Vehicle, 12:47 p.m., Lulay Road, Scio. Vehicle left prior to deputy’s arrival.

Suspicious Vehicle, 1:13 p.m., Jefferson-Scio Drive, Scio. Vehicle out of gas. Female driver, 30, of Jefferson issued a criminal citation in lieu of custody on a warrant out of Clackamas County.

Dog Complaint, 1:55 p.m., Gilkey Road, Scio. Dog owner issued citation for dog as a public nuisance for allowing it to trespass on private property. Dog owner warned for failure to license.

Phone Harassment, 4:57 p.m., Highway 226, Scio. Caller had questions regarding a court order.

Traffic Hazard, 7:30 p.m., Camp Morrison Drive, Scio. Deputies found a cow in the road and helped it get back in its rightful pasture.

Traffic Stop, 8:39 p.m., Camp Morrison Drive, Scio. Driver warned for a white light to the rear. Driver displayed signs of impairment. Deputy conducted a field sobriety test and determined the driver was safe to be driving.

Traffic Stop, 11:04 p.m., Camp Morrison Drive, Scio. Driver warned for inoperable tail light.

March 19

Domestic Disturbance, 9:26 a.m., Highway 226, Scio. Parties were separated and male half agreed to leave.

Assist Other Agency, 1:15 p.m., NW Clayton Place, Scio. Citizen burning tires and agreed to extinguish fire when contacted by deputies.

Park Patrol, 5:52 p.m., Fish Hatchery Drive, Scio. Deputy checked Larwood Park. Listed vehicle was parked in the area with no one around.

Park Patrol, 5:55 p.m., Fish Hatchery Drive, Scio. Deputy patrolled the park and sat in the area checking email. No guests came during this time.

Forest Timber Patrol, 6:48 p.m., Camp Morrison Drive, Scio. Deputy found Weyerhaeuser gate open and followed the road to the Avery E line lower gate, which was also open. Deputy checked the area for workers or trespassers. No one was found. Deputy secured gates.

March 20

Suspicious Vehicle, 8:35 a.m., Crabtree Drive, Scio. Female, 43, of Lebanon issued a criminal citation in lieu of custody on an outstanding warrant.

Trespass, 3:18 p.m., Rodgers Mountain Loop, Scio. Report of someone trespassing on the caller’s property. Deputies checked area and did not locate anyone.

Traffic Hazard, 4:52 p.m., Highway 226/Fish Hatchery Drive, Scio. Report of sheep in the roadway. Deputies did not locate any sheep.

Traffic Complaint, 10:20 p.m., Jefferson-Scio and Shelburn drives, Scio. Deputies were unable to locate a traffic complaint.

Traffic Complaint, 10:32 p.m., Gates School Road/Kingwood Avenue, Gates. Deputies were unable to locate the suspect vehicle.

March 21

Harassment, 10:20 a.m., Lyons-Mill City Drive, Mill City. Deputies provided information to individuals involved in a civil issue.

Traffic Complaint, 11:39 a.m., N Main Street/NE First Avenue, Scio. Deputies spoke with an individual regarding a traffic complaint of speeding log trucks. Deputies will conduct extra patrols in the area.

Extra Patrol, 11:42 a.m., N Main Street/NE First Avenue, Scio. Caller wanted extra speed enforcement for log trucks traveling through town.

Burglary, 12:54 p.m., NW Clayton Place, Scio. Deputies investigated the theft of tools in Scio area.

Extra Patrol, 5:15 p.m., Highway 226/Richardson Gap Road, Scio. Extra traffic enforcement patrols regarding speeding log trucks in the area.

Animal Complaint, 5:36 p.m., SE Fairview Street, Mill City. Forwarded to Animal Control for further action.

Traffic Hazard, 7:46 p.m., Robinson Drive/Goar Road, Scio. Sheep on the roadway. Neighbors wrangled the sheep back to where they belonged before deputies arrived. Owner repaired the fence.

Suspicious Circumstance, 9:49 p.m., Fishermans Road, Lyons. Caller reported a suspicious person following them. Deputies patrolled area and were unable to locate.

March 22

Suspicious Circumstance, 2:18 a.m., Cedar Mill Road, Lyons. Deputies found someone entering the abandoned Freres Warehouse. Deputies were unable to locate anyone believed to be involved in the area.

Suspicious Vehicle, 2:40 a.m., Cedar Mill Road, Lyons. Two individuals were found near the end of S Cedar Mill. Deputies did not detect any criminal activity during this time.

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