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Letter to the Editor: Let’s not make it easier for criminals

With an epidemic of drug addition, deaths and homelessness, why are the laws being changed to prevent stopping vehicles for “minor infractions like a headlight, tail light, turn signal?”

We pass laws to protect the public and then the Oregon government cancels those laws to the detriment of all Oregonians.

Just how do you think most criminals are caught? Especially drug runners bringing in meth and crack cocaine into our state from south of the border? They are stopped because of their criminal impairment driving on our highways due to their failure to pay attention to these types of detail.

Law-abiding citizens don’t care one iota your ethnicity or color of your skin.

We do care about everyone obeying the laws we have on the books and enforcing them – not changing the laws to make it easier on criminals.

Milon Whittier


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