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MSWCD plant sale online through Feb. 21

The 20th Annual Marion Soil and Water Conservation District Native Plant Sale and Scholarship Fundraiser is happening online until Feb. 21.
Using native plants in your landscape helps support and enhance local environments and habitat for wildlife, birds, and pollinators. 
Native plants are a great benefit to any landscape because they require minimal or no water once they are established, they rarely require additional fertilizers or pesticides, native plants increase the biodiversity of an area.
Profits from the native plant sale fund the Stan Vistica Memorial Scholarship, which is awarded yearly to two students from Marion County who are studying natural resources or agriculture at an Oregon college or university.
There will be no day-of-sales this year due to COVID-19.  
The is a pre-order sale only.  All orders must be placed online by 5 p.m. Feb. 21, and picked up at Bauman’s Farm and Garden, 12989 NE Howell Prairie Road, Gervais, March 11 or 12 at your selected pickup time. 
Directions for ordering and scheduling plant pick-up are at
There is no limit on the number of plants that can be purchased. More than 75 species of native plants aree available. 
Directions for ordering and scheduling plant pick up, 

To order plants online, visit

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